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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Raw Chocolate Truffles

I bought raw truffles like these at Essene Market a few months ago for an afternoon snack.  They were yummy and satisfying but I thought I could figure out how to make them myself before paying for them again.  They contain raw cacao which as numerous benefits.  Another superfood, cacao contains magnesium, the essential ingredient to help you build bones and high levels of all good stuff to keep you focused, alert and happy. It can come in multiple forms such as cacao powder, cacao nibs and whole seeds.  Cacao is raw chocolate so if you taste the nibs (I do not recommend), which are needed for the recipe, it’ll taste pretty bitter.  That’s why Mr. Milton Hershey adds so much sugar to his chocolate. Now you can have your chocolate without the sugar. 

¼ cup organic raw cacao nibs
½ cup organic walnuts
1 ½ tablespoons agave nectar (you can use soaked dates or honey instead)
Topping of your choosing: I chose unsweetened coconut but you could use raw cacao powder, ground almonds, or ground walnuts

Put walnuts in vitamix or food processor and grind until mealy.
Add cacao nibs and continue to blend until combined. Add the agave (the sweetener) and process until a paste texture forms.  Roll into balls and then into the topping of your choosing.  Keep in fridge or freezer until ready to enjoy!

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