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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fill Up My Cup!

Did you know you can go about a month without food but only about a day without water? With so many hydration alternatives out there (coffee, soda, iced tea, crystal light, gatorade, vitamin water, etc) good old H2O often takes a back seat.  I'll admit it, sometimes water can be bland and just plain old boring compared to a chilled flavored drink.

Try adding a slice of lemon in your water bottle to keep things interesting. I've left the grocery store numerous times recently without lemons since organic ones aren't in stock so I grabbed a bag of organic limes and have been LOVING a few slices in my water.  Both lemon and lime balance the pH level of the body, curb cravings, and relieve respiratory systems (hello asthma and allergy victims!).

And get the real deal - not the stuff in the plastic fruit bottles.

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