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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Review.

I spent this weekend attending the Healthy Living Summit, a gathering for bloggers focused on healthy living, which was held right here in Philadelphia.  One of the best parts about it was spending solid time with my favorite person, Ali Shapiro! Also, gathering a group of people who have similar interests can be quite empowering.  Friday night was a cocktail party at Reading Terminal after hours.  I find that place to be quite stressful during the day so it was nice to see it transformed for a social gathering.  Saturday was a day full of break-out sessions and speakers. I certainly learned a lot (my head was spinning my Saturday night) and will be incorporating some of the topics discussed here, so stay tuned! You can find excepts from some of the sessions on my Twitter account, @JessicaPro.

PS. On the right hand side of the blog here, I've added a link if you would like to be added to my Health Coaching Newsletter.  They'll be sent out in moderation so I won't be flooding you inbox. xoxo Jess

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