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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dairy-Free in OC

Frozen yogurt shops are popping up all over Philadelphia like chicken pox...Sweet Ending, Yogorino, Tutti Frutti and Old City Frozen Yogurt.  It's another food trend. All of which I steer clear of because yogurt = dairy = me not happy.

Yesterday, I grabbed lunch with my mom after a mid-morning lithe class, at the beautiful Old City studio in my soon to be new neighborhood (I'm moving in September).  The sun was shining, humidity was absent from the air and it was just a flat out beautiful day.  After lunch, I wanted to head over to Old City Frozen Yogurt because a friend told me they had a dairy-free flavor. In disbelief that they would cater to the dairy-free minority of Philadelphia, I needed to check this out for myself.

Well believe it my friends, they do have a dairy-free sorbet! And it's pretty good! Mango-tango is your only option though. But you no longer have to feel left out when your friends want to partake in the Frozen Yogurt trend of dessert.

You serve yourself and add as many toppings as you'd like (I added blueberries and coconut to mine) and then you pay by how much it all weighs.  And they're yogurt and sorbet doesn't contain any high fructose corn syrup - another plus! Located at 229 Market Street, they're across the street from another dairy-free friendly dessert spot, Franklin Fountain.

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