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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I love granola. I had been making my own for quite some time but find that it never tastes as good as when it comes right out of the oven, hot and crunchy.  And certain store bought kinds make my stomach start talking and blood sugar spike, only to crash later on, leaving me reaching for more in merely an hour.

Meet Purely Elizabeth, “a line of all-natural and organic foods using nutritious alternative grains and superfood seeds, free of sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten.” The owner, Elizabeth, graduated from the school I am currently attending back in 2007.  Her granola can be found at Essene Market (I only know Whole Foods on South Street sells her baking products. I have yet to see her granola). You can also order online directly from her website and it get’s to you relatively quickly since they’re located in NYC.

Her granola comes in three flavors: cranberry pecan, original and pumpkin fig. All yummy! And they’re made with organic ingredients, gluten free oats, and low-glycemic sweeteners that won’t send you for a roller coaster ride.  Or make you feel guilty if you indulge with it just a bit. Purely Elizabeth granola also has quinoa (hello protein!) and chia seeds (omega-3 fatty acids, you need them)– something you don’t find very often in granola.

I enjoy having some in the morning with some plain coconut milk yogurt and berries from the farmers market or sprinkled on top of my salad for an extra crunch. 

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  1. i know what i am shopping for this weekend - great details on the quinoa and chia seeds - thxs!