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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Since eggs are almost always breakfast for me, I have fallen in love with my handy, dandy egg cooker! Hard boiled, soft boiled, or perfectly poached this little cooker does it all. Sure, we all know how to boil water and put some eggs in it. But how many times do you take them out too early (unknown to you!) to find a liquid center that makes you gag? Or you want them not too hard, not to soft, but just right? 
The multitasker.
You can perfectly poach 2 eggs at a time or hard boil 7 at once. You can decide who hard, soft or in between you want them. Once everything is set up, just turn it on and walk away. It has a buzzer loud enough that you could be having a dance party in the other room, music blasting and know that your eggs are done. 
Once you’ve decided what kind of eggs you want, measure out the amount of water to add with the little container they provide for you. If your hard boiling, the little container has a pin at the end of it which you use to poke a hole in each egg so you don’t get that gross greenish yolk. Then place your eggs and find something else to do. No need to clean a pot, pan, or spatula when you’re done. 
Good Price. 

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