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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whip It Good.

As the weather turns warm and ice cream cravings are on the rise, it can be difficult to stay dairy free when it comes to cooling treats. Well, fear not my friends as there is a little gem that cools my heart called Banana Whip. Don’t let the ‘whip’ in the name fool you.  It’s cold, creamy goodness only has one ingredient: frozen bananas!
Often times I’ll make it at home in my vitamix.  I’ll freeze my bananas that are looking like they only have a day or two left in their lifetime. (Don’t forget to peel them first before freezing. I learned that the hard way!) Pop 2 bananas and a teaspoon of water in my vitamix and blend until it’s smooth and creamy.  Periodically, I’ll have to stop and scrape the sides of the vitamix before continuing. But the end result is quite divine.  Half the time, I can’t even wait for it to hit the bowl before eating it.
If you spend some summer sunshine in Ocean City, NJ the boardwalk sources this heavenly treat at Bashful Banana. Many thanks to my best friend LS for introducing me to this place.  Not only does it have Banana Whip, but it also has gluten-free and dairy-free items on their menu.  That’s hard to come by in a land of Johnson’s Caramel Corn and Mac and Manco’s Pizza! 
If you are stuck in the concrete jungle of Philadelphia, turn to FUEL on 12th and Walnut for your Banana Whip. You can get it to go and venture to Washington Square to enjoy it on a park bench beneath the shade of a giant tree. 
Looking to avoid the sugar spike? Top your whip with some unsweetened coconut to keep that sugar level stable. 
Nah na na na, nah na, nah nah, whip it good!


  1. Great post! And if you're more in the mood for a banana milkshake, toss a little almond milk in the blender with the frozen even adds a little nutty kick!

  2. My new favorite place in Ocean City!! Thanks for taking me there. Will whip some bananas at home too. Too good to forget to make!!! Yummmmy

  3. great suggestion Lauren!
    please note that the banana whip from FUEL looks nothing like the pictures above, nor is it to the ooey, gooey, goodness that bashful banana's is. Just FYI