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Friday, July 1, 2011

Off to Sugar City!

Ironically, I will be visiting Sugar City next week. (Ironic because I’ve been working on putting the kibosh on my sugar cravings with the help of Ali Shapiro – more on this and her later). 

Sugar City is located in St. Kitts, a small Caribbean island. Sugar City acquired this name from it’s history of growing sugar cane. Now it’s more likely known for it’s ‘sugary sand beaches’.  

Besides swimming in the blue sea, eating lots of local seafood, and working on my tan I plan on hiking the volcano on the island. It’s an 8 hour, strenuous hike. Let’s keep in mind I am not an avid hiker. My daily ‘hikes’ involve trudging up the bike and stroller ramps on the city sidewalks of Philadelphia as I walk to Lithe Method.  I hope I survive.  

I’ll be sure to share my experience with you when I return. Until then, have a wonderful 4th of July! 

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