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Monday, June 20, 2011

Need For Speed.

The work week can get quite busy and we often turn to what's quick and easy which often comes at the forfeit of our health. I often spend my Sunday's (or any greater chunk of free time) planning, food shopping, prepping and even making a few meals and snacks for the week. This makes my meals convenient, relaxing and easy without compromising how healthy I'm eating or how good I'm feeling. 
What’s the trick? Plan ahead! Before you go food shopping plan your meals for the week. I know it can take some of the excitement out of the nagging question "what do I feel like eating today" but this question and various answers you provide can take up your valuable time. If you plan ahead, then that time previously devoted to answering that question can be channeled to eating your meal and relaxing. And we all need a few extra minutes of relaxation during the day don't we?! 

These cute little notepads can help make the planning fun and keep you organized.  Once you have this list complete, make your shopping list based on what you have and what you need for the recipes for the week. This will also help keep your impulsive grocery shopping down and keep your trip quick. Happy Shopping!

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  1. I just ordered my What to Eat notepads from Amazon!! Thanks!!