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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meet The Ice Cream Lovers.

My family should really consider changing our last name to 'Ice Cream Lovers'.   How cool would it be to say, "Yes, were going out to dinner with 'The Ice Cream Lovers' tonight." Ha! Each one of my family members has an obsession loves ice cream. Growing up we would spend every hot humid night at the shore standing in line at dairy queen waiting for creamy chocolatey goodness. My family loves ice cream so much that when my brother was younger and he wouldn't take his allergy pills, my mom would put it in ice cream. He got to eat ice cream every day! So not fair! But along with daily trips to DQ I could never figure out why I would get severe stomach aches. Even doctors didn't know what it was.

Well now we know, I'm allergic to dairy. So this really puts a damper on my love for ice cream. And dairy-free store bought ice cream doesn't always do the trick. I've found a few spots that will satisfy my love such as Franklin Fountain (I love their soy chocolate ice cream!) but FF is not down the shore. Just last week, Mom of 'The Ice Cream Lovers' bought a ice cream maker. I don't know why she didn't do this sooner. We tested out a recipe for dairy free coconut chocolate chip ice cream and it was TO DIE FOR! The recipe comes from Elena's Pantry and was so easy to make. 15-20 min tops! Even Dad of 'The Ice Cream Lovers' raved about it!

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  1. yum - I cant wait to get this recipe and try t - maybe even add a tad of mint!