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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nutrition Nugget

I get a lot of questions from people (keep them coming!) and this is one I get asked a lot so I'd like to share it with the masses :) 

Betty writes:
Jess! How are you??? i LOVE your blog! Random question (and I guess maybe a blog post request???). I'll be traveling soon for 5 days for a conference. It's pretty easy to find healthy foods for lunch and dinner while on the road, but much more difficult to find healthy breakfasts. I'm assuming that means I have to bring stuff with me. Any ideas for breakfast on the road (without a fridge)? Thanks!!!

Great question! Traveling can be an automatic 'eject' button out of our healthy eating bandwagon but if you pick out your meals or snacks just like you do your outfits, it'll be like a seatbelt when that eject button launches. 

If you're traveling by car or train I recommend getting a cute lunch bag, packing it with a few ice packs so you can make your own mini fridge of goodies. I usually pack a green smoothie, hard boiled eggs, carrots and hummus for the following morning. 1 day of a healthy breakfast is better then zero.  

If that isn't an option my go-to easy travel buddies are:

  • an avocado (it will keep you full! but be sure to pack a knife and spoon to eat it)
  • bananas and apples (with almond butter or organic peanut butter) 
  • nuts - any kind you fancy
  • Larabars - check out their minimalist ingredient list
  • Silvers Power Balls

If you have no time to prepare your best bet is finding a Starbucks, because they're everywhere. Skip the coffee and grab a hot green tea and their Protein Bistro Box. It contains a hard boiled egg (protein!), cheese (for those who can eat it), some fruit and muesli bread with peanut butter (more protein and healthy fat to keep you full). If you're still hungry, buy two.  My last option would be their oatmeal with nuts (no brown sugar!) as it has more additives then the protein box. Please note that Starbucks food is not the greatest option but when you're in a pinch it's better then a doughnut or bagel with cream cheese. 

But remember, traveling is about stepping outside your comfort zone and exploring new places. So don't stress over trying to stick to your normal eating habits.  It's not going to happen.  But, do keep a few things in your freezer so when you get home you can jump right back on the bandwagon and don't have to order pizza. 

If you have a question, send it to me ( and you may see it's answer here! 


  1. Jess, this advice is really amazing. I love the idea for the mini-fridge lunch box, and ironically, I ate both the protein box and oatmeal from Starbucks today! Thanks to you, I'm feeling pretty good about my eating decisions today. :)

  2. Jess! Thanks so much for your tips. I went to my five day conference packed with apples from the farmers market, almonds, and Pure Bars (similar to lara bars). I never had any issues with breakfast and had snacks covered also! First time I came back from traveling not feeling light I overdid it on the processed stuff :).

    ps...I didn't have to get food from starbucks. The items listed above did the trick :).