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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh, Honey!

Prior to giving up dairy, I was taking two 24-hour Claritin a day to try to get some allergy relief. Even with that, I still could barely breathe.  Since then, dairy got the boot and so has my congestion!  But, now that I am spending more time outside than in a windowless office of the corporate world, I’ve noticed my eyes have been much itchier recently as the seasons begin to change. Not to mention it’s been quite windy lately in the concrete jungle of Philadelphia. 

On my trip to Terrain last week, I purchased some local honey.  Ingesting local honey has been known to help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms.  Think about it like this: those little buzzing bugs fly around collecting all of the stuff that’s making your eyes, nose and throat get irritated.  By enjoying their produced sweet stuff, you’re giving your body a natural allergy shot like you would get at the doctors, boosting your immune system and reducing your allergy symptoms. 

Note: you should enjoy the local honey in the raw.  Which means don’t heat it or put it in your tea which will kill off its good properties.  I’ve been enjoying my 19129 zip code honey by drizzling it on almonds. Raw honey also has been known to help aid digestion, morning sickness, constipation, and sore throats. So buzz off allergies! 

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